Katie Chambers Studio

Superdrive Academy

Superdrive Academy came to me looking for a brochure design to encourage a developing area of their business. They trusted me fully to come up with a design that was both informative but highly visual to capture the approachable but well established and professional essence of their company.


Client said...

"I 100% recommend Katie Chambers Studio

I've recently started a new business venture and I was on the lookout for a company who could create a professional looking brochure. After speaking with a few other businesses about who they had used for their brochure design etc, Katie Chambers Studio kept coming into the conversation. I touched base with Katie who owns the company and I immediately felt reassured. Katie took the time out to understand my project and also gave me her input.

Within days Katie had an example of the brochure for me and I was blown away. Not just by her speed and how quickly she had something for me to see, but also on her professionalism, her customer service skills, her vision and forward thinking. I don't know how she does it, but she gave me everything I was hoping for, and more.

Thank you Katie Chambers Studio, I would 100% recommend you to everybody."